About Josh Cohen

Josh C
Josh Cohen.

Hi, my name is Josh Cohen and I’m an oil painter.


I love painting nature scenes and I also enjoy doing abstract paintings.


It all started for me when I was a kid. My parents would take me to art museums and I was fascinated by all the different paintings. I went back home and started experimenting with different techniques and colors.



At first, I was trying to paint nature scenes like the ones I saw in the museums, but then I started to experiment with my style and that’s when I started enjoying myself.



I’m self-taught for the most part, but I’ve also taken a few classes here and there. Over the years, I kept practicing and painting, and I feel like I’ve gotten pretty good at it. My art collection has grown quite a bit too!



Nothing makes me happier than the look on people’s faces when they are visiting my house, and see some of my paintings hanging on the wall. Usually, the first question they ask is, “Did you paint that?” And I love being able to say, “Yes, I did.”



If you’re thinking about picking up a paintbrush, or if you’re already an artist looking for some tips and tricks, I hope you’ll check out my blog. I’ll be sharing everything I know about oil painting, from beginner tips to more advanced techniques.



Of course, nowadays there are lots of brushes and other painting supplies that can make your life easier. But it’s still fun to get your hands dirty and experiment a little bit. So I’ll be writing about my favorite products, and giving you some tips on how to use them.



So whether you’re just starting, or you’ve been painting for years, I hope you’ll enjoy my blog and find it helpful!