Best Exterior Oil-based Paints for Wood (2022 Reviews)

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You can use oil paints on most wood surfaces. Although it is initially meant for use on wood, it makes an excellent waterproof paint and is also suitable for use on other surfaces such as plastic and metal.

Unlike other paint varieties, oil paints are distinguished by their oil basis, enabling them to penetrate small gaps and adhere to the surface.

Fortunately for you, this implies that the outdoor wood paint will become a part of the wood rather than simply coating the surface. 

While this type of coating has the advantage of being resistant to extreme circumstances, it is irremovable once applied. Besides, oil paints are often resistant to heat and water after drying.

Sit tight to learn more about the best exterior oil-based paints for wood.

Quick Summary: Best Exterior Oil-based Paints for Wood

Oil paintBest FeatureColor Pack Item Volume (milliliters) 
Winsor & Newton Winton Paint High level of pigmentation1037
Chalky Chicks PaintReady-to-Mix Formula50947
Castle Art Supplies Oil PaintQuality2412
Retique It Chalk Furniture PaintSilky Chalky Finish44947
ZenART Oil PaintsEco-Friendly845

1. Best for a High Level of Pigmentation: Winsor & Newton Winton Paint 

Winton is a collection of oil colors manufactured with reasonably priced pigments. They are designed for beginners and more professional painters who require plenty of colors within a reasonable budget. 

The combination of ancient talents and current color chemistry procedures has resulted in an exceptional selection of Winton Oil Colors. The Winton series has more consistency and is slightly stiffer than other Artists’ Oil colors.

Winton Oil Color achieves a balance of affordability and quality by utilizing reasonably priced pigments instead of decreasing the pigment load and sacrificing color performance. A high pigment content gives excellent coverage and tinting strength. 

Winton’s sheen is mainly determined by the pigments employed. Therefore, the gloss level differs between various colors; you can adjust this by the surface used, the amount of solvent added, and the mediums employed.

2. Ready-to-Mix Formula: Chalky Chicks Paint

Excellent quality paint that requires no primer, sanding, or stripping. You also don’t have to add water to this ready-to-use solution!

You can apply Chalky Chicks Paint directly from its jar with a paint spray gun or a brush! There is no mixing required, and it delivers complete coverage in approximately one to two coats.

With this paint, you’ll do away with the flaking, clumping, and mess associated with other chalk paints by using this ideal formula.

Chalky Chicks paint distributes smoothly and evenly, removing the hassle and increasing the enjoyment!

There are more than 50 Chalky Chicks colors available to suit any purpose. From neutrals to vibrant hues, this paint will meet all the restoration requirements you have!

3. Best Quality: Castle Art Supplies Oil Paint

This collection of brilliantly presented oil paints housed in a beautifully designed selection box is a fitting gift for both enthusiastic beginners and established artists.

These artist-quality paints are expertly created with an oil-to-pigment ratio that results in a consistent, creamy texture ideal for blending for unlimited color changes and achieving oil paint finishes, including wet on wet and impasto.

Designed by specialists, the 24 seductive, brush-ready tones are arranged in two rows of easy-to-select color families in convenient-sized, resealable, and airtight tubes. They can be applied using a sable, hog hair, synthetic brush, or a palette knife. You can apply this paint to canvas, wood, board, plastic, metal, paper to create various textural effects.

These adaptable paints are precisely designed with an oil-pigment ratio that results in a solid, smooth, consistent texture, which is a pleasure for painters creating masterpieces on canvas using brushes or palettes.

Develop your performance in five simple steps. This unique fold-out instruction teaches you to master oil painting methods by recreating the intriguing Lady Guinevere artwork on the box lid.

4. Best for a Silky Chalky Finish: Retique It Chalk Furniture Paint

Exceptional coverage in as little as one to two coats with incredible adhesion to various surfaces. It also has minimal to no prep work necessary. It is particularly formulated for cabinets, furniture, and home decor. However, you can use it in your art and craft projects.

This product is ideal for both indoor and outdoor projects. You only need to apply a marine finish topcoat before adding the clear wax to outdoor projects.

The paint dries within half an hour, giving a modern feel with a chalky matte or clear wax finish that is easily altered if desired yet highly durable.

This oil-based paint gives out a silky-smooth finish on the painted surfaces.

It is also environmentally friendly and safe due to its low odor and extremely low VOC.

5. Best Eco-Friendly: ZenART Oil Paints 

This paint offers a limited palette for infinite harmony. A few key colors blend nearly any color, creating a more balanced painting. 

They are also oil paints of professional quality, containing a high concentration of the best linseed oil and non-toxic pigments. Enjoy a wonderfully soft, buttery consistency directly from the tube, ideal for color mixing and impasto painting.

Whenever possible, use single pigments to achieve excellent and vibrant coverage. Artists specifically design the paint to be lightfast with a high pigment load, they mix well and thin out gently, so some little paint lasts longer. 

Moreover, these oil paints are harmless since they comprise only toxin-free pigments free from hazardous driers and solvent vapors. Besides, they are vegan-friendly because they contain no animal components.

Final Thoughts

If you’re working on a fixed timeline, you may consider purchasing a fast-drying recipe to expedite the drying process. Additionally, the fast-drying composition makes applying a second or additional layer simple.

It is also crucial to know that different paints require different application techniques. You need to get a versatile application method when painting outdoor wood furniture.

Avoid purchasing a formula that requires an application technique that you cannot handle.

On the other hand, extreme environmental factors such as rain and sunlight can affect the state of your wood surface.

For instance, exposing a painted wood building to factors such as water results in decay. On the contrary, extreme sunshine causes your painted wood structure to peel, fade, and discolor.

Get your artistic work to another level by choosing the best paint for your work!

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