6 Best Oil-Based Exterior Paints That Will Give Your House a Classy Vibrant Finish

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Painting your house’s exterior is a process that takes a lot of time and money. Since time and money are precious assets one can’t afford to lose, it would be nice to get the best oil-based paints to give you good value for your money with no regrets whatsoever.

Oil-based paints have been the go-to choice for many over the past few years, and that is not about to change anytime soon. Why? Because they give houses an elegant finish that is durable and can withstand harsh weather conditions without peeling out.

If you want to get an oil painting that perfectly suits your house’s desires and needs, you are in the right place.

The options compiled below are from among the best quality oil paint brands you can find in the market.

Quick Summary: Best Oil-Based Exterior Paints

Oil PaintBest FeatureColor PackItem Volume 
Rust-Oleum Oil Based PaintRust Prevention13785.41 Milliliters
Valspar Oil Based PaintNon-Toxic11gal
KILZ Exterior Siding Oil PaintAll-Purpose11gal
Diamond Brite Oil Based PaintProfessional Quality55gal
WOCA Exterior Wood Oil Based PlantWood Surfaces12500 Milliliters
BEHR Oil-Based Floor Paint Exterior Floors1128 Fl Oz

Best for Rust Prevention: Rust-Oleum Oil Based Paint

Finally, some good news for house owners as you will not have to deal with rust issues on metal surfaces again. Rust-oleum oil-based paint deals with rust issues head-on, maintaining the look and strength of metal surfaces on the exterior of your house.

This oil paint provides a smooth, durable finish when applied to metal surfaces directly. Be it exterior stair rails or the roof, the sight of rust will be a thing of the past due to this smooth, durable finish that is rust-proof.

You may also use Rust-oleum oil painting for industrial applications. This application is possible because it will save a lot of metal properties from corrosion while also giving them a smooth, durable, outstanding finish.

Best Non-Toxic: Valspar Oil Based Paint

If you are looking for oil-based paint that is completely non-toxic, Valspar Oil Based paint is the perfect choice to get you going. This oil painting has no toxins in its ingredients whatsoever, and with it, you are guaranteed to live a toxic-free life.

This oil painting has anti-rust ingredients that have a unique finish style. It is also reinforced with polyurethane chemicals, making it extra durable on all surfaces and resistant to scratching and chipping.

Valspar oil also takes a short time to completely dry compared to other oil paints, with a maximum record time of four hours depending on the surface porosity. It can be applied on wood and metal surfaces and still give a fantastic finish.

Best All-Purpose: KILZ Exterior Siding Oil Paint

Looking for an excellent exterior paint that resists cracking and peeling while adding beauty to outdoor structures? Look no further beyond this point. KILZ Exterior siding oil paint is fully equipped to suit all your needs.

This oil painting features a unique oil-based formula that provides exceptional adhesion on any surface without peeling off. Its longevity and versatility are astonishing in varied weather conditions as it can withstand all weather-type conditions.

KILZ Oil painting dries fully in two to three hours and can be applied on exterior wood and sandy glossy surfaces. Before painting, ensure the surface is smooth free of debris and loose wood fibers.

Best Professional Quality: Diamond Brite Oil Based Paint

Diamond Brite oil-based paint is a high professional quality paint usually applied against surfaces that receive heavy traffic usage. Places like corridors, outdoor surface appliances, and exterior house walls are protected against repeated aggression from daily interactions.

This oil-based paint takes an approximate time of about 10-12 hours to full to dry and about 24 hours when recoated fully. It can also be applied on metal, wood, or drywall surfaces, giving a superb classy glossy finish.

Point to note: all surfaces must be thoroughly cleaned and prepped before painting as it provides a better surface for the paint to remain adhered to the surface. Before applying, ensure temperatures range between 15 degrees Celsius and 32 degrees Celsius for the best final quality impression.

Best for Wood Surfaces: WOCA Exterior Wood Oil Based Paint

Are you having a house model with exterior wood surfaces and looking for oil-based paint that will protect your house from harsh weather conditions? Well, look no more. WOCA exterior wood oil-based paint has got you covered!

Its deep penetrating formula seals the wood from the inside out while creating a waterproof finish without the risk of peeling from the surface. This unique formula also contains a UV protector that forms a hard-wearing surface on the wood keeping it strong against damaging UV rays.

It also contains a plant-based composition made from premium oil from eco-friendly plants. This composition ensures you enjoy a perfectly glossy finish without facing the dangers of harsh chemicals that can cause cancer and other undesirable diseases.

Best for Exterior Floors: BEHR Oil-Based Floor Paint

As you give your house exterior a classy glossy finish, you should also mind the exterior floors of corridors and garage floors. BEHR Oil-based paint has got you covered.

This oil painting has a chemical formula that contains UV protection that is perfect for protection against destructive sun rays. It is resistant to dirt stains and can be easily cleaned with soapy water leaving the surface spotless.

It can be applied on metal and wooden surfaces and give a good glossy finish that will leave your place looking fabulously attractive. Before applying, ensure the surface is smooth and clean for better adhesive strength.

Before applying, ensure the maximum temperature is 90 degrees Fahrenheit, and the minimum should be 50 degrees Fahrenheit to get desirable results.

Wrap Up

You can get any paint to suit your requirements from the above examples. The paints are made of pure, authentic materials that will give your property a classy look free from paint peeling and rusting regardless of the weather conditions.

After considering the points above, you can now walk to the market confident of the type of paint you want and give your home an excellent exterior finish.

With all that in mind, success in your shopping choice!

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