6 Best Oil Paint Brands That Will Make Your Piece of Art Outstanding

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Most pro artists will unanimously agree that one of the significant factors contributing to a great piece of art is the type of oil paint used. Quality oil paint makes an elegant piece of art that will make your art sell quickly.

When looking for oil paint, you should consider its texture, consistency, and pigmentation.

Different brands focus on different factors depending on their manufacturers, but a few managed to create the perfect balance and solid performance on paper.

It is wise to have a few options to avoid confusion when heading to the market. It will also save you time and give you value for your money.

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Quick Glance: Best Oil Paint Brands

Oil PaintBest FeatureColor PackItem Volume (in ML)
Winsor & Newton Oil ColorMixing Ability1037
Grumbacher Oil ColorMulticolor1024
Sennelier Rive Gauche Oil Paint Satin Finish1040
Jack Richeson Shiva Oil PaintUnderpainting1242
Mont Matte Oil PaintBeginner Friendly24288
ZenART Professional Oil PaintToxin-free845

1. Best Mixing Ability: Winsor & Newton Oil Color

If you are looking for oil paint with excellent mixing ability, Winsor & Newton should be the perfect choice for you. This oil paint works well for armature artists and students as it is easier to use.

It has a unique texture and a high level of pigmentation. Simply put, you will not have to apply a lot to make your art look more attractive.

Its good covering power ensures every corner of your art is covered in quality paint, giving it a vibrant finish. Winsor & Newton also have the best drying consistency as they usually take from two to seven days for complete drying depending on the color and the surface it is spread.

This brand produces the best oil paints you can get in the market, and they usually come in an excellent range of colors from cadmium red, burnt sienna, and titanium white. Give your starter student the best he deserves with Winsor & Newton oil color, and you won’t regret it.

2.  Best Multicolor Choice: Grumbacher Oil Color

Grumbacher is one of the best oil paint brands with a broad array of colors you can ever look for. Most professional artists go for this brand whenever they want a glossy finish art of work that has a variety of colors to choose from.

Its mixability with other colors is top-notch, providing a wonderful blend of color that is attractive. Its pigmentation is just enough for a single coloring session, ensuring you do not waste time and color trying to make it appear attractive.

Drying here is not an issue compared to other oil paints due to its lightfast drying properties. This paint can save you during last-minute art sessions as it dries super-fast while giving almost the same if not better glossy finish compared to other oil paints.

3. Best Satin Finish: Sennelier Rive Gauche Oil Paint

Give your art masterpiece a piece of elegant finish with Sennelier rive gauche oil paint and watch it get more recognition due to its authentic color finish. This oil paint dries to a satin finish that is the most beautiful finish one can ever anticipate from a piece of art.

After using oil colors for some time, you may have noticed some start yellowing up. This yellowing destroys the finish, and the art may look cheap.

But with Sennelier, you have nothing to worry about as it is formulated with safflower oil that prevents yellowing up, leaving your art looking as authentic as possible.

Sennelier also takes a short time to dry up entirely and has a good butter consistency. It also has a 144 color range, and for sure, you will not miss your type.

4. Best for Underpainting: Jack Richeson Shiva Oil Paint

If you are looking for the perfect under paint for your piece of art or craft project, look no further beyond Jack Richeson Shiva oil paint. The oil paint is the unchallengeable kingpin of all undercoat paints produced with its classy finish.

The top quality of this under the paint is its compatibility with other oil paints and mediums. This oil paint combines with any oil paint color and still produces a superb finish.

It also has no detectable odor, and dirt can be cleaned up easily using soapy water or baby wipes. Most of its color types dry within 24 hours, making it reliable for quick results.

5. Best for Beginners: Mont Matte Oil Paint

If you are a beginner artist or have just switched to oil painting, Mont matte will serve you well for a start. The mixing capability it possesses is perfect for any color combination, making it the number one beginner choice.

Its high-quality pigment has good covering power on your art, giving it a rich finish. It also has a good tinting strength allowing vibrant colors to mix without color crashing.

It also has a smooth butter consistency and takes a considerate time to dry up. It is also available in a range of 24 vibrant colors that give you a wide range of colors to choose from. For a beginner, Mont matte is a perfect choice.

6. Best Toxin-Free: ZenART Professional Oil Paints

Get yourself an eco-friendly oil paint that is entirely safe to use for daily art oil painting. ZenART professional oil paints contain non-toxic pigments free from harmful solvent fumes and drivers.

With linseed oil, you get to enjoy a smooth coloring experience with effortless color mixing capability right from the tube. This oil paint is always ready to mix with other colors and produces a sweet color blend such that you cannot fail to give it a stare.

With this oil color brand, you can use single color pigments and develop a vibrant piece of art with excellent coverage. Artists carefully formulate ZenART oil paint to be lightfast with a high pigment load; therefore, you will only need to spread a little to avoid color oversaturation.

Wrap Up

The best oil paints above are made from trusted quality material and are focused on giving you nothing but the best oil painting experience. You can get yours now from the above examples and buy your way to mastering oil painting.

All the best in your oil paint of choice!

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I love to paint, mostly nature and I dabble in some abstract paintings. Here I will share some tips and tricks I learned over the years.

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