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Oil painting has been a preferred medium for artists throughout the centuries due to its versatility and vibrancy.

The beauty of oil paints lies in their ability to capture and convey light, texture, and depth, making them the perfect choice for capturing realistic images or creating abstract masterpieces.

However, the quality of oil paint can greatly impact an artist’s work, so it’s crucial to find the right brand to bring visions to life.

With so many oil paint brands on the market, it can be overwhelming to determine which one is best for your needs.

Factors such as pigmentation, consistency, and lightfastness play a significant role in the overall quality of the paint.

Additionally, some artists may prioritize eco-friendliness or the brand’s ethics when selecting their materials.

When shopping for oil paints, it’s essential to consider factors such as color range, drying time, and texture. Different brands offer varying dry times, which can affect your painting process.

If you prefer working in layers or need ample time to blend colors, you may want a paint with a longer drying time.

On the other hand, if you’re eager to see your creation come to life quickly, a faster-drying formula might be your best choice.

Another important aspect is the level of pigmentation; higher-quality brands often boast richer and more vibrant colors due to their higher pigment concentration.

To help you find the best oil paint brands for your specific needs and preferences, we’ve spent countless hours researching and comparing various options so you can confidently create your next masterpiece.

Best Oil Paint Brands

I’ve researched and compiled a list of the best oil paint brands available on Amazon.

These brands offer exceptional quality and performance to enhance your painting experience.

PINTAR Oil-Based Paint Pens

PINTAR Oil Based Paint Pens

PINTAR Oil-Based Paint Pens are a versatile and high-quality option for those looking to create vibrant art on various surfaces.


  • Smooth and high-quality ink flow
  • Suitable for multiple surfaces like ceramic, glass, metal, wood, and fabric
  • Set includes 20 medium-tip and 4 fine-tip pens


  • Not the best color selection
  • Ink may bleed on the fabric
  • Set up time for each pen individually

I recently used PINTAR Oil-Based Paint Pens for a rock painting project and was impressed by the smooth ink flow and the rich colors they provided.

The set includes 20 medium-tip pens and 4 fine-tip pens, making it versatile for different types of artwork.

The pens are also well-suited for use on various surfaces like ceramic, glass, metal, wood, and fabric, offering endless creative possibilities.

While I was generally pleased with this paint pen set, I did notice a few drawbacks. The color selection isn’t perfect, so you might not find every shade you need for your project.

If you’re using them on fabric, be aware that the ink can bleed a bit.

Also, setting up each pen individually takes some time, as you need to shake them and press the tip until the paint starts to flow.

Overall, PINTAR Oil-Based Paint Pens are a valuable addition to any artist’s toolkit. Despite a few minor cons, the high-quality ink, versatility, and ease of use make these paint pens a worthwhile investment.

So, if you’re in the market for durable, vibrant, and easy-to-use paint pens, PINTAR is an excellent choice.

Pébéo Fine Oil XL 200 ML – Titanium White

Pébéo Fine Oil XL 200 ML - Titanium White

Pébéo Fine Oil XL is a high-quality choice for artists in search of affordable and versatile titanium white oil paint.


  • Intense, bright, and permanent colors
  • Suitable for various surfaces
  • Quick-drying for easy layering


  • May require more pigment for full coverage
  • Some users report inconsistency in texture
  • Might be less opaque than other brands

I recently tried the Pébéo Fine Oil XL in Titanium White and was impressed with its vivid, bright color and permanence.

The intense pigment in this oil paint makes it great for creating a variety of shades, such as pinks, greys, and pastels.

Being lightfast and opaque, the color maintains its appearance over time without fading or tarnishing.

One of the highlights of this paint is its compatibility with different surfaces, such as canvas, wood, and metal. It’s perfect for artists who like to experiment with various materials and techniques.

The quick-drying feature is another plus, as it allows you to work on the overcoat after just three hours of drying, making layering a breeze.

However, it’s worth noting that some artists might find the paint’s consistency to vary and require more pigment to achieve full coverage.

Additionally, the opacity could be less than that of other oil paint brands. Despite these shortcomings, Pébéo Fine Oil XL still proves to be an affordable and versatile option for both beginners and experts alike.

Winsor & Newton Winton Oil Color Paint, Basic Set, 10 x 21ml Tubes

Winsor & Newton Winton Oil Color Paint

Winsor & Newton Winton Oil Color Paint is a great choice for both amateur and professional artists seeking quality colors at an affordable price.


  • High-quality pigments for vibrant colors
  • Moderately priced to suit artists on a budget
  • Compatible with other brands for versatile mixing


  • 21ml tubes may run out quickly for heavy users
  • Color variety somewhat limited in the basic set
  • Some users may prefer thicker paint consistency

I recently had the pleasure of using Winsor & Newton’s Winton Oil Color Paint. From my experience, the colors were vivid, and the paint was a pleasure to work with.

The pigments are of high quality, which resulted in brilliant and lasting colors on my canvases.

Being moderately priced, this set is perfect for amateur artists or professionals who require large quantities of paint without spending a fortune.

Additionally, I found that these colors were easily intermixed with other brands, providing more options and flexibility in my paintings.

One downside I encountered was that the 21ml tubes ran out more quickly than I anticipated, especially with frequent use. If you find yourself using a considerable amount of paint, you may want to consider investing in larger tubes or multiple sets.

Also, while the basic set offers a good selection of colors, those seeking a more extensive range may need to purchase additional hues.

In terms of paint consistency, I noticed that these colors were not as thick as some other brands I have used in the past. This wasn’t an issue for me, as I enjoyed the paint’s smooth application, but it’s worth mentioning for artists who may prefer a thicker texture.

Overall, the Winsor & Newton Winton Oil Color Paint set offers fantastic value for artists seeking high-quality colors at an affordable price.

S&S Worldwide Color Splash! Liquid Tempera Bulk Paint

S&S Worldwide Color Splash! Liquid Tempera Bulk Paint

A versatile paint set perfect for art enthusiasts, offering excellent quality and value with vibrant colors and washable formula.


  • Vibrant, high-quality pigments
  • Versatile, easy to use with various painting tools
  • Economical with 32-oz bottles


  • Separation issues in some bottles
  • Paint may flake off surfaces
  • Two of the same blue color

I recently had the chance to use the S&S Worldwide Color Splash! Liquid Tempera Bulk Paint set, and I found it to be a great addition to my art supplies.

The colors are bright and vibrant, with a nice variety that caters to almost every artistic need. The pigments are of high quality, which provides opaque coverage that dries to a matte finish.

It was a pleasant painting experience, as I didn’t have to worry about the paint flaking, cracking, or chipping.

The versatility of this paint set makes it suitable for use with brushes, stampers, rollers, and sponges, providing endless creative possibilities.

It’s perfect for classroom and home use, as well as for kids, adults, teachers, and parents. This paint is also economical, as it comes in 32-oz easy-pour bottles with a safety seal liner.

It’s a great option for people who want to enjoy quality and value for their money.

Nevertheless, there were a few minor issues I encountered when using the S&S Worldwide Color Splash! paint set. Some bottles had separated colors which became unusable and messy.

Further, the paint flakes off some surfaces after drying, which may be inconvenient while working on certain projects.

Although the set claims to have 12 colors, there are actually two of the same blue color, leaving only 11 distinct shades.

In conclusion, the S&S Worldwide Color Splash! Liquid Tempera Bulk Paint Set is a good investment for anyone looking to enjoy high-quality, vibrant colors at an affordable price.

It’s suitable for various painting techniques, offering versatility and creativity. Despite a few minor issues, I believe the pros outweigh the cons, making this paint set a worthwhile addition to any art supply collection.

Art Whale Oil Paint Set

Art Whale Oil Paint Set

I highly recommend the Art Whale Oil Paint Set for its rich pigmentation, smooth texture, and versatile color selection, suitable for all skill levels.


  • Large 37 ml tubes for ample paint
  • Richly pigmented and high-quality colors
  • Unique and versatile color selection


  • A slightly more creamy texture may not suit everyone
  • Limited to 18 colors
  • May be less suitable for advanced artists with specific preferences

I recently used the Art Whale Oil Paint Set and was pleasantly surprised at how richly pigmented and versatile the colors were.

As someone who enjoys painting landscapes and sceneries, I found the colors to be perfect for creating different hues and shades when mixed.

The texture of the paints was smooth and creamy, making it easy to achieve various techniques, such as glazing and impasto.

I also appreciated the large 37 ml tubes, as they offered more paint for multiple projects. The plastic organizer and colorful storage box provided an added convenience to keep my art supplies organized.

While the 18 vibrant colors in this set were ideal for my needs, some artists may prefer more options or specific shades.

The slightly creamier texture of these paints might also not be suitable for everyone, especially if you’re accustomed to a different consistency.

Yet, I found these factors to be quite minor compared to the overall quality and performance of the Art Whale set.

The Art Whale Oil Paint Set offers an excellent experience for artists at any skill level, providing vivid colors, smooth texture, and ample paint in large tubes.

It’s a reliable choice for those looking to enhance their creativity and create stunning artwork. Give it a try and see the difference it makes in your projects!

Mont Marte Premium H2O Water Mixable Oil Paint Set

Mont Marte Oil Paints

The Mont Marte Premium H2O Water Mixable Oil Paint Set is a great choice for those who want the experience of oil painting without the need for harsh solvents.


  • Mixable with various mediums
  • Easy clean-up with water
  • Great for color blending


  • Some colors may have dried chunks
  • Pigmentation could be stronger in some shades
  • A few tubes may contain excess oil

As an artist, I’ve always loved working with oil paints, but the need for chemical solvents made it difficult to use them in shared spaces or when traveling.

The Mont Marte Premium H2O Water Mixable Oil Paint Set is a game-changer, as it allows me to enjoy all the benefits of working with oil paints, such as color blending and smooth textures, while still being able to clean up easily with water.

I recently used these paints on a landscape piece, and I was impressed by their mixability with other mediums like acrylic and gouache.

The colors provided in the set – Titanium White, Mid Yellow, Orange, Cadmium Red, Phthalo Green, Cobalt Blue, Ultramarine Violet, and Ivory Black – offered a good range for blending, though some shades like white and yellow could be more pigmented.

One drawback I did experience with this set was the presence of dried chunks in some colors, which made them a bit trickier to work with.

A few tubes also released quite a bit of oil before the paint came out, but this didn’t affect the overall quality of the product.

Overall, I recommend the Mont Marte Premium H2O Water Mixable Oil Paint Set to both beginners and experienced artists who are looking for an oil paint option that offers easy clean-up and mixability.

The affordable price point and pleasant painting experience make it a worthy addition to any artist’s toolbox.

Buying Guide

When I look for the best oil paint brands, there are several factors that I consider to ensure a high-quality painting experience.

In this buying guide, I will share these factors, which can help you make an informed decision when purchasing oil paints.

Quality of Pigments

The quality of pigments is crucial to the overall performance of the paint. I always look for brands that use high-quality, finely ground pigments that offer vibrant colors, excellent lightfastness, and consistency across different shades.

Range of Colors

As an artist, having a diverse palette of colors can greatly enhance my creative potential. I look for brands that offer a broad range of colors, ensuring that I can find the perfect shades for my artwork.

Consistency and Texture

The consistency and texture of oil paints play a significant role in the ease and flexibility of the painting process. I prefer paints that maintain a balance between being too thick or too thin, allowing me to layer and blend colors effectively without sacrificing coverage and saturation.

Drying Time

Drying time is an essential factor to consider when selecting oil paints. As oils tend to dry slowly, I look for brands that offer a reasonable drying time without compromising the quality of the paint.

This allows me to work at a steady pace without feeling rushed or hindered by the paint’s drying process. Remember, selecting the right oil paint brand depends on your personal preferences and artistic needs.

Take the time to carefully research and consider the features mentioned above before making a decision.

And most importantly, enjoy the painting process!

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the top artist-grade oil paint brands?

In my experience, some top artist-grade oil paint brands include Winsor and Newton, Michael Harding, Old Holland, and Gamblin.

These brands offer a broad range of high-quality and pigmented colors that exhibit excellent permanence and lightfastness.

Which oil paint brands do professional artists prefer?

Professional artists may have different preferences, but some frequently mentioned brands are Winsor and Newton, Michael Harding, Old Holland, and Sennelier.

The choice often depends on the particular needs and style of the artist.

How does Michael Harding oil paint compare to Winsor and Newton?

Michael Harding oil paints are known for their handmade quality, high pigment content, and consistency.

Winsor and Newton also produce high-quality paints, but they are more focused on a wide range of colors and products.

Both brands offer an excellent choice for professional artists, and choosing between them mainly comes down to personal preference.

What features make an oil paint set the best?

A great oil paint set should have vibrant colors, a smooth consistency, and lasting lightfastness. The quality of the pigments, binders, and additives used by the manufacturer also significantly affect the paint’s performance.

An ideal set should include a well-balanced mix of colors that can be easily blended and provide the desired texture and finish.

Which are the most popular thick oil paint brands?

Brands like Old Holland, Sennelier, and Williamsburg produce oil paints with a thick consistency that many artists prefer for their impasto techniques.

These paints maintain their “brushwork” better and can create distinct layers, adding depth and texture to the artwork.

How do Williamsburg and Gamblin oil paints compare in quality?

Both Williamsburg and Gamblin create high-quality oil paints suitable for professional artists.

Williamsburg is known for its handmade paints and vibrant colors, while Gamblin offers a more extensive range of colors and mediums.

The choice between these two brands often depends on the artist’s specific needs, preferences, and painting style.

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