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The brush is one of the essential materials you can own when painting in various styles. When looking for the best oil paint brushes, you will need to consider their shape, size, each brush’s hair, and even handle length.

However, it’s good to find brushes that don’t shade their bristles and those that hold their shape when it comes to oil brushes.

The paintbrushes often range from soft to firm with a slicker feeling to a hog brush. It can be slightly overwhelming when choosing the best painting brush with the many options available.

With that said, let us take a quick glimpse of some of the best painting brushes.

Quick Glance: Best Oil Paint Brushes

Oil Paint BrushBest FeatureNumber of Pieces
#1. Da Vinci Paint BrushesLong handlesfour
#2. Red Sable Paint BrushesDurable handlessix
#3. Fuumuui Oil BrushesHog bristlesEleven 
#4. AIT Products Oil Paint BrushesHolding capacityseven
#5. Mont Marte Oil Paint BrushesGifting Fifteen 
#6. Falling In Art Professional Oil Paint BrushesMultipurposeFifteen 

5 Best Oil Paint Brushes – Top Picks

1. Best Long Handles: Da Vinci Paint Brushes

Enjoy each moment of your artwork with the Da Vinci brush. This brush has long handles that are built for oil and acrylic. Moreover, its five top diameter acryl synthetics are flexible yet stiff.

The outside thicker fibers work with the middle thinner fibers to hold and trap colors as it distributes the paint evenly.

These best oil paint brushes have a precise snap that makes them excellent for oils, heavy body acrylics, impasto paints, and water-mixable oils. You will love its German forestry sustainable wood design as well.

This brush features six imperceptible flattening at the handle’s thickest part preventing rolling and limiting hand fatigue.

It’s also made from red sable hair for a perfect holding capacity, shape retention, and durable bristle.

2. Best Durable Handles: Red Sable Paint Brushes

Deliver great strokes of painting your masterpiece with no stray hairs using red sable brushes. These superior brushes consist of a natural red sable hair mixture that offers exceptional liquid capacity.

The ideal brushes are best for students, kids, professional artists, painting classes, full-time artists, or muralists.

These phenomenal oil brushes can also be used as acrylic paint brushes and watercolor paint.

How these brushes hold the paint nicely, providing you with a high capability for your entire technique, will excite you.

With the six most common size ranges of brushes to choose from (2, 4, 6, 8, 10, and 12), you will not need any other sizes, making it best for canvas painting.

These handmade piece-by-piece brushes from great brush artisans are easy to clean and store. The brushes’ lightweight gives you an easy moment of painting without cramping your hands.

Have a great experience with this set; they are chrome plated, ensuring no wobbling or even loose hair as you create your art. Plus, you will get a 100 percent risk-free experience.

3. Best Hog Bristles: Fuumuui Oil Brushes

These 100 percent hog bristle brushes are protected with high-grade copper crimped sturdy ferrules to ensure that no hairs are left on canvas when painting.

The ideal set has eleven pieces of long handle brushes with a luxurious selection of brushes; Flat: size #2; Fan: size #6; Filbert brush; size #4, #6, #8, #10, #12; Round: size #3, #7, #9, #11.

Ensure that you get the right brush to meet your model needs and offer the best for each artistic project.

The brush has a comfortable balance, lightweight with polished birch wood to ease hand fatigue in your daily painting.

Its long handles offer more unrestricted movement for high brushstrokes and perspective to the artwork. Moreover, it gives you total concentration on essential details of brush painting, helping muscular mastery of painting with control and ease.

The set is convenient to carry along with you as it comes with a carrying box making it suitable for friends, artists, beginners, kids, and as a gift choice.

Clean the brush with water and mild soap immediately after use, reshape its tip, and dry it thoroughly before storing it in the box for the next project.

4. Best Holding Capacity: AIT Products Oil Paint Brushes

The package contains seven sable brushes featuring small round liner brushes, minute details, and a shader for sharp lines.

Its German quality stops you from worrying about the brushes that shed hair, fall apart, and rust so that you can concentrate on the artwork fully.

The 100% Russian sable hair gives exceptional paint holding capacity with a smooth flow, a great snap, and the brush’s head spring.

These paintbrushes are suitable for acrylics, oils, gouache, or watercolors. Feel free to use them with your ideal medium or experiment with other mediums.

With various brush types and sizes, you can try your hand at any detailed artwork for outstanding results.

5. Best for Gifting: Mont Marte Oil Paint Brushes

Get premium quality brushes from Mont Marte and have a lifetime experience with your artwork.

This package contains 15 pieces of hog bristle and Taklon brushes. For Taklon; liner 3/0, filbert 2, round 1, filbert 4, round 3, filbert 9, round 6, flat 6, wash 11, flat 8, angled ten, and for hog bristle; flat 10, filbert 8, fan 4, wide 5/4”.

The brush roll has a magnetic closure to keep your brushes protected. Furthermore, it is easy to carry around, making it a perfect gift for artists.

The set is ideal for oil, acrylic, gouache, watercolor, and tempera painting.

6. Best for Multipurpose: Falling In Art Professional Oil Paint Brushes

This 15 pieces package contains a full range of brushes tips and sizes; round(4, 8, 10,16), fan(1), filbert(6, 10, 14), flat(2, 6, 10, 14), angled(8, 12), chip(40mm).

The brushes have little pointed tips for a detailed painting and large brushes for broad filling.

Its split-tip aids the art brushes in holding more paint compared to nylon. However, it provides superior shape retention and spring suitable for rough surfaces such as wood and canvas.

The paintbrushes have a long-lasting birch handle and double fastened natural bristle hairs with tinplate nickel tube for preventing the hair from falling off.

With this long handle painting brush, it does not matter whether you will work away from paper/canvas/ board/fabric or where there is more stroke freedom and space. Plus, you can use it for table paintings as well.

This oil paintbrush kit is built for wood, canvas, craft painting and can be used as a gift for friends, kids, beginners, and artists.

Cleaning the brushes is easy; use warm soapy water and then reshape it using your fingers.

Final Thoughts

Oil painting brushes commonly have rounds, flats, and filberts, although other shapes are specified.

However, most artists may use various brush sizes but prefer one shape more than others.

Bonus tip: Always keep your brushes clean for a long-lasting experience.

Find the best painting brush with ease from the above guide and take your artwork to the next level.

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