6 Best Oil Paint Sets for Your Upcoming Painting Projects 

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Are you a professional artist, hobbyist, or student? A quality oil paint set is all you need for your various projects and paints.

The oil paint sets come in various sizes, combinations, and colors displays, not to mention the control and incredible workability for realism, overall beauty, and an unmatched expressive flow.

These oil sets are compact, convenient, and at the same time, portable. Besides, they are readily available in the market and less expensive.

Without further ado, let us take a quick look at some of the best oil paint sets.

Quick Glance: Best Oil Paint Sets

Oil Paint SetBest FeatureColor PackItem Volume
#1. ZenArt Supplies Professional Paints SetEco-friendly 845 milliliters
#2. PHOENIX Artist Paint SetAcid-free 1240 milliliters
#3. Magicfly Professional Paint SetGifting 4018 milliliters
#4. Winsor and Newton Winton Starter SetQuality 1037 milliliters
#5. MyArtscape Oil PaintMultiple color choice4812 milliliters
#6. U.S. Art Pouring Master Paint SetPouring paints16236 milliliters

6 Best Oil Paint Set-Top Picks

1. Best Eco-Friendly: ZenArt Supplies Professional Paints Set

Use limited colors to bring the best balance in your entire painting process with ZenArt supplies. The set includes eight packs of oils combined with the three palettes (essential, impressionist, and portrait).

Many artists see the Essential Palette as a perfect foundation, and it doesn’t matter what they may paint.

This professional paint set contains a raised load of excellent anti-toxic pigments and linseed oil.  

Its working impasto and effortless mixing of colors give you a richly smooth and buttery consistency experience right out of the tube.

Feel free to use the single pigments where necessary for excellent coverage and vibrancy assurance.

The paints come in pure and vivid colors in tubes of 50ml each. You can use single pigments in specific spots for a vibrant and excellent outcome.

The artists have formulated these pigments carefully to be light-fast with raised pigment load. The pigments blend wonderfully and even thin out pleasantly. So, you only need to use a small amount.

The oil paints feature solvent fumes, no harmful dries, and free animal products, making them safe for use and suitable for vegans.

The oil set obeys the strict international measures that attest the professional quality paints. 

2. Best Acid-Free: PHOENIX Artist Paint Set

The Phoenix professional artist’s painting set scientifically blends nicely with cold-pressed linseed oil and quality pigments.

With their unmatched creamy consistency and covering strength, these oil paints will give you a different painting mechanism in a perfect way.

The pure bright colors of these professional sets come from densely suppressed premium pigments with a raised degree of saturation, an excellent layering capacity, and exceptional light-fastness.

Try using the paints to a total capability, and notice their exceptional hue intensity and quality. Also, the secondary colors are vivid and clean.

The 40 milliliters of oil paint in the tubes is enough for many large paintings. These tubes are suitable to carry with you for outdoor projects.

Additionally, the set is convenient for portrait painting, wall art painting, realistic painting, landscapes, abstract painting, among others.

Enjoy painting your canvas with these acid-free and non-toxic oil paints, thanks to the buttery texture that allows you to create artwork smoothly and freely.

The set makes a perfect choice for serious painters, adults, kids, teachers, and art lovers.

The package includes twelve essential oil colors; Titanium White, Cadmium Yellow Hue, Lemon Yellow Hue, Cadmium Red Hue, French Ultramarine, Dioxazine Purple, Viridian Hue, Permanent Green Light, Ivory Black, Burnt Umber, and Yellow Ochre.

3. Best for Gifting: Magicfly Professional Paint Set

The Magicfly set contains forty vibrant colors (metallic gold, silver, and primary colors). It also provides two extra white color tubes compared to standard sets, thus satisfying the infinite imagination.

Its high-quality pigmented materials and sturdy color paints will not get dull or even fade, ensuring a long-lasting painting stay.

The oil set has a thick consistency and excellent coverage that smoothly glides on canvas, thus easy to mix.

This paint set is ideal for kids, students, beginners, teachers, and artists. Its colored exquisite box makes it the best art enthusiasts’ gift choice.

The oil paint is suitable to use on canvas and even other art media. It brings your wall art, portraits, landscapes, abstracts, and painting creations to life.

4. Best Quality: Winsor and Newton Winton Starter Set

The painting set is perfect for students, amateur artists, and more accomplished painters. It requires prominent volume colors with fair cost limits as well.

Its high levels of pigmentation provide excellent covering power with tinting sturdiness.

It features 10 (37ml) tubes of French Ultramarine, Cadmium Yellow Pale Hue, Phthalo Blue, Cadmium Red Deep Hue, Viridian Hue, Yellow Ochre, and Permanent Green Light, Ivory Black, Titanium White, and Burnt Sienna.

Although the package cannot match higher pigment Artists’ color, it contains more robust quality ranges than other quality Artist ranges.

5. Best for Multiple Color Choice: MyArtscape Oil Paint

Get beautiful and highly vivid paintings from the MyArtscape set. The painting set contains forty-eight oil-based color paint for canvas painting and more.

The ideal supplies lay down superb pigmentation light-fast colors that are durable.

Enjoy this artist’s services with zero stress and have a lifetime experience since the brand offers a one-year warranty.

It also features thicker and highly mixable paints with a traditional lustrous and high-sheen rich finish.

6. Best Pouring Paints: U.S. Art Pouring Master Paint Set

The brilliant pouring master contains 16 colors. Moreover, they are ready to pour directly into the mixing cup and are formulated for perfect tilting, puddling, and swiping.

Its kit comes with six Oz silicon oil and a six-teen Oz gloss pouring medium for added cells and adjusted viscosity. However, you can use other acrylic mediums to give effortless and flawless cells and effects that slide smoothly over a canvas.

The pouring colors are made with a thick viscosity that is perfect for pouring right out of the bottle, creating exceptional cells and even color movement.

Furthermore, the effectiveness of your artwork will highly depend on the paint’s continued flow.

Pouring paints are blended with the honey’s consistency; this ensures that each color will smoothly flow together when tilting the canvas.

The set is best for Dirt Pouring Technique, Tree Ring Pour, Dutch Pours, Flip Cup Technique, and many other invented techniques.

Final Thoughts

Have an outstanding experience of abstract design painting, landscapes, crafts with kids, and portraits with quality oil paint sets.

Get the best oil paint set from the above top picks.

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