How to Remove Oil-Based Paint From Clothing?

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Paint is one of the most common substances used by artists, homeowners and furniture makers to decorate walls and any items. But at times it happens that our clothes get stained with paint while painting or doing some other activity. If you too have had such an experience then this article is for you. Here we will tell you how to remove oil-based paint from clothing.

Oil-based paints tend to bond more strongly with fabrics and hence is tough to remove as compared to water-based paints. Water-based paints can be easily removed by using warm soapy water or using a cloth dampened with water. However, oils stains on clothes cannot be removed by the use of soaps and detergents and need some solvents which will dissolve the pigment in the paint and break them down. Let us know how:

Does oil paint wash out of clothes?

It is not easy to wash oil paint from clothes as compared to water-based paints. Oil paints contain a large amount of pigment which makes it difficult for the soap to remove them completely from the cloth.

But if you use a good solvent then you can easily eliminate oil based paint from your clothes. In this article we will tell you some ways by which you can easily remove the stain of oil-based paint from your clothes

How do I Remove Paint From Clothes?

There are various methods by which you can easily remove stains of different kinds including oil based paint, but all these methods have one thing in common and that they need solvents specific for removing certain type of stains only. So if it happens so that your clothes get stained with paint of any kind, you can follow the methods given below:

Method 1

Use Mineral Spirits to Remove Oil Based Paint from Clothes (Oil and Grease Remover)

Mineral spirit  is a colorless and highly refined petroleum distillate. It is one of the most commonly used solvents for dissolving oil-based paints and also for cleaning different tools like brushes, spray painting equipment etc. You can easily use this as a solvent for removing stains of oil-based paints from clothes. To do this:

First remove excess paint from clothes by using paper towels or soft cloths soaked in mineral spirits  (you may also use turpentine, but avoid rubbing it on the fabric as it tends to damage the fabric).

Don’t rub it on your clothes as it will lead to further staining.

Wipe away as much paint as you can from the stained cloth.

If still some stain remains then moisten a soft clean rag/cloth with mineral spirits  and cover it over the stain for about 10 minutes.

In case of stubborn stains repeat this procedure until all paint is completely removed from clothing. Remember that once you remove paint using mineral spirits, there’s no way to reverse the changes and hence make sure that excess amount of paint is not transferred onto your fabric during removal process. You can also use turpentine oil solvent if mineral spirits are not available at home but we do not recommend turpentine as it is harmful to skin and can cause various health problems.

Method 2

Use Paint Thinner or Nail Polish Remover for Remove Oil Based Paint from Clothes (Solvent)

Paint thinner  is a mixture of solvents used as paint stripper, stain lifter etc. They are extremely flammable and should be handled carefully as the vapors may catch fire on open flames. You should not apply nail polish remover directly on your clothes instead should use it in following way:

Spread paper towels under the stained area to protect other surfaces from spills/drips. Wear gloves to protect your hands from stains and drips.

Using an old soft cloth or brush spread some nail polish remover over the stained area and allow it to sit for a few minutes until paint begins to soften.

Remove as much loose paint as you can by blotting with clean paper towels.

Repeat the process if required till all paint stains are removed from clothing.

Don’t forget to wear gloves while removing oil-based paint from clothes. It will keep your skin safe from harmful chemicals present in both nail polish remover and mineral spirits. In case of stubborn stains then carefully rub the affected area using a small amount of acetone or stronger solvent which you can get from either hardware store or beauty supply stores etc. Now rinse off the stain completely using water and dry the cloth before wearing it again.

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I love to paint, mostly nature and I dabble in some abstract paintings. Here I will share some tips and tricks I learned over the years.

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